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News Update: March 26, 2020

A quick glance at the news law firms and business leaders need to know today:  Jackson plea: In today’s Miami Herald, Jackson Health System CEO Carlos Migoya calls for more federal assistance as the shutdown of elective cases pushes the patient count to the lowest level in years – even as the hospital braces for what’s expected to […]


News Update: March 25, 2020

Given the flood of news right now, it’s harder to find the news law firms and business leaders need to know. Here’s a quick update on today’s important business developments. Miami Business Damage: Companies of all sizes are waiting to see what comes out of Washington in terms of a relief package but no place more […]


Welcome to Haj Media

Welcome to our new website. We’re going to use this blog to engage with our clients and share our knowledge and ideas. Since this is for you, we would love to hear how to best provide the content you are the most interested in. Or, if you just have questions or comments, feel free to […]