Tayana Dix University of Miami School of Communication

When the Mentee Becomes the Mentor

It is always exciting when you have an opportunity to take someone “under your wings” and help them navigate the world with all of the professional wisdom you have been racking up for 25 (plus) years! You envision the great leadership conversations you are going to have, the life lesson talks and, of course, the fun “when I was your age,” side chats, all pretty predictable but precious, nonetheless. So, what happens when you finally meet your intern and in true Tik Tok fashion she flips the switch on you? (Disclaimer – we had no idea what Tik Tok was or what we had been missing out on before we met her – intern lesson #1!)

Well, quite frankly, you find out that YOU have a lot to learn… about yourself, your business and those constantly morphing and magnificent millennials. Taking on an intern is a true honor and one we didn’t take lightly. We got to have all of those great “mentorship” conversations we envisioned having, but we also got to reflect on how we came to having them in the first place. There is nothing like mentoring someone to remind you of where you came from and why you are in the business you are in. Those words of wisdom and encouragement end up echoing in your own ears (and heart), and in many ways reinforces what got you to this point, reinvigorating your mission and the passion behind what you do. Don’t get us wrong, there were the equally-as-great but albeit less philosophical lessons, too, like the fact that chocolate chip cookies and peanut M&M’s are still a great go-to during stressful times (they work equally as well for finals and important client deadlines). For all of the lessons, we are grateful.

United Way Small Business Breakfast
Tayana Dix, Jennifer Watler & George Haj

Tayana Dix, on behalf of the entire team, thank you for your bright light and brilliant mind, and all of your hard work as part of your internship with Haj Media. Congratulations on another successful semester and for your recent PR Rising Star Award from the University of Miami School of Communication (TD you are, indeed, a superstar).

-Jennifer Watler, Communications Coordinator, Haj Media