We’ve Been At This WFH Life For Nearly A Year Now – But Are We Doing It Well?

How effective are you at working remotely? With more and more people working from home—a trend that’s not likely to go away completely in the near future—it’s important to maintain your productivity and efficiency.

Communicating is still the key to success. So much has been lost from in-person meetings and conversations. We now have to take stock if we are communicating enough on a professional level and if we are actually doing WFH well.  

Gauge your efforts with these questions from The Enterprisers Project website:

• Are you communicating expectations? Even if you’re not a manager, you should be able to clearly tell people what you want. If you need a response by 3 p.m., for example, let the other person know. This will make work easier for everyone.

• Are you summarizing your work? You should be able to offer progress reports and explain your results so managers and co-workers know where you’re at and what you’ve accomplished. Don’t make people wait, or guess what you’re working on.

• Are you checking in with co-workers? You have to keep track of projects and schedules, but that doesn’t mean everything should be all business. Ask people how they’re doing emotionally. Don’t intrude—just make sure they’re doing okay. A few words of connection can mean a lot.

• Are you taking breaks? Even when you’re physically at work, you’re probably not chained to your desk eight hours straight. You eat lunch, chat with co-workers, take a short walk, etc. At home, you may be tempted to work longer hours without a break, but that can have a negative impact on your long-term effectiveness—not to mention your morale. Be sure to take enough breaks during the day so you can focus without exhausting yourself.

Just as with everything else in life, new ways of doing things takes some getting used to and a bit of extra effort on our parts. Small changes to your work approach and even your workspace, routine and perspective will help you take control and work toward mastering the WFH life.