A Special Haj Media Anniversary – Gleaning Clarity Through The Blur

It seems pretty fitting that, symbolically, the 4th year of “marriage” is about the relationship starting to bear fruit and flourish from working and being together. In honor of Haj Media’s 4-Year Anniversary, here are a few words from George Haj, principal at Haj Media, as he reflects on the past year and this special anniversary.

“The past year has been a blur and like many of you, boundaries have blurred, work has been both frustrating (enough #@#$^@ Zoom calls already) and exciting, and I’m not sure how we’re already in April of 2021.

The past 12 months certainly have been challenging but we stayed focused on our mission and our areas of expertise, doubled-down in those sectors, and after a summer slowdown we have been growing, not just in South Florida but with clients in Houston, Atlanta and New York.

This work wouldn’t be possible without my brilliant colleagues Jennifer Watler and Paula Bosler. Their hard work and creativity make me look good every day.

And thank you to our wonderful clients — the ones who stuck with us when times were tough and the new clients who keep us learning new sectors and audiences.

May the pandemic continue to lift and may our Zoom meetings be replaced with in-person visits very soon!”