Tayana Dix

Pushing Boundaries & Dreaming Big: My Haj Media Internship Experience

By Tayana Dix

Sometimes, life’s most pivotal moments are unforeseen. Unexpected journeys and friendships pleasantly disrupt narrowed vision and provoke immeasurable growth. When I began working at Haj Media through the University of Miami internship program eight months ago, I was just grateful to be employed. My agenda was limited. Do your work. Be pleasant. Make connections. Anticipate your next move. However, the Haj Media team has pushed me far beyond this boundary. During my time with the agency, I’ve gained tremendous insight regarding client relations, media engagement and corporate strategy.

At Haj Media, our exchanges are never “strictly business.” We take the time to thoroughly understand our clients, and each other, which ultimately supports our mission to satisfy their needs, as well as our team’s needs. Collectively, we frequently attend professional events to gain a better understanding of the industries of focus, further engage with clients and build lasting relationships with media personnel. And, perhaps most importantly, at Haj Media, we dream big. Every decision contributes to the internal growth of the company and our working effort to expand.

While the knowledge I’ve acquired from Haj Media is significant, the relationships I’ve developed are invaluable. None of what I’ve accomplished during my internship would have been possible without the guidance of my new mentors. I am extremely grateful for my internship opportunity and excited to see what new adventures my journey with Haj Media will bring.