News Update: March 25, 2020

Given the flood of news right now, it’s harder to find the news law firms and business leaders need to know. Here’s a quick update on today’s important business developments.

Miami Business Damage: Companies of all sizes are waiting to see what comes out of Washington in terms of a relief package but no place more than Miami. It’s no secret that Miami is a small business mecca – more than half of the county’s economy comes from companies with less than 500 employees. Those businesses are more vulnerable to this downturn, Rob Wile at the Miami Herald explains.

Eleventh Circuit Livestream: For the first time, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Atlanta, is going to livestream arguments scheduled next week in Atlanta and Miami, Jonathan Ringel reports for the Daily Report Online.

NY Law Firm Layoffs: Two New York law firms have laid off staff in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Jack Newsham reports for the New York Law Journal. The 400-lawyer firm Goldberg Segalla and 50-lawyer firm Belkin Burden Goldman have cut staff in the last few days.

New Florida Bar President: In a close contest, Jacksonville attorney Mike Tanner edged out Renee Thompson of Ocala to become the Florida Bar’s president-elect. The vote: 8,647-8558, the DBR’s Dylan Jackson explains.

Casinos Sue Over Coronavirus: Does insurance cover Indian casino tribe losses in Oklahoma? The Chikasaw and Choctaw nations filed suits in Oklahoma asking the court to order Lloyd’s of London and other insurance companies to cover their coronavirus losses. Lauren Berg at Law360 explains that the tribes believe their insurance companies cover the losses.

Energy Sector Woes: Meanwhile, don’t ignore the other huge economic story – the collapse of oil prices to 18 year lows and layoffs beginning at the major energy sector companies. Chevron is cutting $8 billion from its budget and Schlumberger, Halliburton and Baker Hughes are preparing to slash budgets, and jobs, themselves, Sergio Chapa reports for the Houston Chronicle.

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